Many people do not give teeth due care. Regular tooth brushing seems to be about the only care people give to teeth probably due to ignorance or the financial factors involved. However, the importance of teeth is beyond question. They are not only necessary for eating. Teeth, in various forms, can add or reduce beauty to a human mouth.

It is, therefore, important that teeth get the kind and the regularity of care they deserve. The following aspects of teeth care are necessary to know. Routine dental care should be one of everyone’s concerns.

Regular dental visits

Real dental care is more than daily or hourly brushing and rinsing of teeth. It involves regular visits to a dentist. Most people ignore such visits. This should not happen. Do not wait to feel tooth pain before seeing a dentist. Regular visits to a dentist help t prevent serious teeth problems. The dentist can identify teeth cavities and gum diseases before they become serious. Unnecessary loss of teeth and gum decay does not occur.

The dentist also attends to other problems like bad breath and bad teeth, which affect social interaction and facial appearance. Routine dental care involves visiting a dentist at least once in six months. 


It costs money and time to visit a dentist.  Dentists may work at all public hospitals. Some are for dentist’s visits. It could be once a week, and this could mean long waiting queues before getting the treatment.  However, private dentist clinics offer similar, if not better, services. The cost of the service is higher.

 Cost varies with the patient’s case. Tooth extraction does not cost the same as a dental cleaning. The latter is more expensive but maybe more than filling multiple teeth. The cost also varies  from one clinic to another. Whatever the cost, dental care is a health need. Do not ignore it.

Free dental consultation

Some organizations sponsor free consultation clinics. The services include advice on how to attend to oral issues.  The consultation clinics refer complex dental cases for advanced care. Insurance covers improve access to dental services.

Dental insurance

Most health insurance policies include dental care. As part of the policy, the insurance policies allocate a certain amount of money to cater for services like consultation, tooth filling, extraction, and cleaning.

Dental insurance and COVID-19

With the advent of COVID-19, people in dental care have taken steps to prevent the spread of the virus through the provision of services. Services involving the use of aerosol are not reaching suspected positive cases. Mission Dentists are also taking universal health precautions as they interact with their patients.

Routine dental care is necessary for peoples’ healthy life. It is time to give oral care the place it deserves in life.